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Since 2010, FRS Enterprises in Trinidad, CO, has been dedicated to the expansion of Colorado’s ever-growing property market. Clients know that they can trust our experienced construction managers.

We’ve constructed everything from residential multi-family developments and commercial buildings to office warehouses, all from the ground up for families and businesses throughout the greater Northern and Southern Colorado areas.  

Making a Sound Investment

Clients never have to fret over financial risks when partnered with us. We have been creating high-quality structures for more than a decade. As a local building contractor, we shape our buildings to meet the needs of your personal and business lives.  

Projects Completed on Time

Our construction managers understand that our job is a time sensitive process that requires total trust in the building contractor you’ve hired. We always live up to our word. Our team will work with you throughout the building process to ensure that you receive your dream building without any delays.

Clear Communication

Invest your money into a construction company that takes you seriously. From beginning to the completion of the job, count on our company for outstanding integrity. By partnering with FRS Enterprises, you’ll receive nothing but the most genuine feedback from our construction managers, whether it regards safety concerns, pricing costs, or structural designs. 

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When you need help with your next project, look for the company who won’t cause headaches. Stop daydreaming about your ideal building when you can have it now.

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